Loving… DIY with Dremel {project & giveaway}

Last week I shared my weathered photo frame project which I completed with our new Dremel Micro.  Now it’s time for my second Mother’s Day-inspired project – and I have a Dremel Micro to give away to a lucky reader!

When I heard about all the different functions that the Dremel Micro has to offer, I was most excited to give the engraving tool a try.  It’s the perfect tool to make a personalised gift for your mom (or yourself!)

dremel micro  (1 of 2) What you’ll need:

  • glass jar
  • word template, printed to the desired size
  • washi tape/prestick/cellotape
  • dark cloth or paper
  • Dremel Micro with silicon carbide grinding tip

dremel micro-10

Print out a design/word, and cut around the edges.  I chose to make a “tea” jar, but you could easily make a spice or cookie jar!  Stick your design to the inside of the jar using washi tape/cellotape.

dremel micro-11

Lie the jar on its side (I found it easiest to fold up a towel to lean the jar against).  Use the Dremel Micro to trace around the outside edges of your design.

dremel micro-12

Remove the paper from inside the jar, and replace with a piece of dark paper or cloth.  This will help you to see the outside edges, which you can now fill in with the Dremel.

dremel micro-13

dremel micro-14

When you’re done, just wipe down with a cloth and fill with some goodies for your mom!

dremel micro-16


Now it’s your turn to win a Dremel Micro of your very own!  Simply complete the Rafflecopter form below to gain as many entries as you can, and leave a comment to tell me why you want your own Dremel.  The competition will close on the 2nd of April, and is only open to residents of South Africa.

dremel micro-2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please don’t panic if it takes a couple of days for your comment to be approved :-)

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Loving… rose gold {trend watch with @Home}

I know that the rose gold trend has been around for a while, but it’s still incredibly popular.  @Home has just launched a wonderful range incorporating items in beautiful warm tones, and every item is on my wish list!  You can view the full range on the @Home website.

rose gold

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Loving… weathered picture frame {DIY with Dremel}

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to review the new Dremel Micro.  We’ve been wanting a Dremel for a long time, and it’ll definitely be put to good use in our new home!  This handy little machine can do anything and everything – including cutting, sanding, engraving, grinding and polishing.  The Dremel Micro can be held like a pencil, and is perfect for precision and light duty tasks.  The kit comes with 35 accessories, and a neat little case.

 dremel micro-2

dremel micro-3 dremel micro-4

I was given the challenge of designing a Mother’s Day DIY gift, so for my first project I created a weathered photo frame.  (In South Africa we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, but you can go here to find out which day it falls on in your country.)

dremel micro-17a

What you’ll need:

*Before using your Dremel Micro, please read the instructions and safety precautions carefully.

dremel micro-5

Remove the backing and glass from your picture frame.

Using the high speed cutter Dremel bit, carve a design into the wood.

dremel micro-6

Dust off the frame with a cloth, and brush on a coat of the white paint.

dremel micro-7

When the paint is dry, use one of the sanding bands to lightly sand off some of the paint, creating a weathered look.

dremel micro-8


Dust off once again, and reassemble your picture frame.  Add your mom’s favourite print or photo, to create a personalised Mother’s Day gift.  I’ll be running an exciting competition with Dremel soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the details!

dremel micro-18


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Loving… A new home {plus free prints}

Things have been a bit quiet here again lately, but that’s mostly due to us being preoccupied with buying our first home!  We’ve lived in a little duplex since we got married 5 years ago, but the time has come to move on to greener (and bigger) pastures!  Over the last year I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the limited space in our little place, so I really can’t wait to have the freedom to complete some of the projects that I’ve dreamt about.  My poor little Pinterest profile has been working overtime!

One of the first things that I’d like to do is to create a gallery wall/shelf, similar to the ones below.  I love that this system can be changed on a whim, without the hassle of drilling and filling holes.

picture gallery 3

Image via Dream Book Design.

picture gallery 1

Image via Future and Found.

picture gallery 2Image via The Design Chaser.

I’ve also re-discovered a great resource for images to populate your picture gallery, called Vintage Printable.  The site used to be a bit of a nightmare to navigate, but it’s improved a lot over the last little while.  Here you can find a huge range of out-of-copyright prints, illustrations and photos, which are available for personal use.  Here are some of my favourites (direct links available from my Pinterest board), but I suggest that you visit the site to find some treasures for your own home.

free printable art 7 free printable art 1 free printable art 2 free printable art 3 free printable art 4 free printable art 5 free printable art 6

Images via Vintage Printable.

Loving…Summer with Poetry {delightful dresses}

I’d like to think that we still have another month or two left of Summer, and recently I’ve been eyeing these beautiful dresses from Poetry.  They’re available in a range of feminine styles, with exquisite details. Even as the weather cools down, these will team up perfectly with boots and a cardigan or jacket.  The pictures don’t do them justice, so pop into your nearest Poetry store to see for yourself, or purchase your favourite one online.

poetry summer dress 1 poetry summer dress 2 poetry summer dress 3 poetry summer dress 4 poetry summer dress 5 poetry summer dress 6

Images via Poetry.

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Loving… DIY rope basket

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that I have a mild obsession with making baskets, since this is the third basket DIY I’ve posted in about a year (you can find my crocheted baskets here and my t-shirt yarn baskets here).  The truth is that I love finding pretty ways to store things, which is particularly useful when you live in a small house like ours.

rope basket

I’ve spotted this type of rope basket in some shops recently, and thought that it would be an easy project to reproduce.  You don’t need a lot of supplies, and the outcome is pretty rewarding, so here are the instructions!


  • rope (the type will depend on your personal taste, and the length will depend on the size of basket you want to make. I suggest that you get at least 5 metres).
  • wool or thread in colours of your choice
  • scissors
  • needle (large enough to thread the wool)


  • Cut a long length of wool.  Bend the end of the rope over itself, and tie in place with the end of the wool.

DIY rope basket-2

  • Start wrapping the rope around itself (in a “swirl”).  Thread the wool over the outside of the rope, and into the centre of the swirl.

DIY rope basket-3


DIY rope basket-4

  • Keep wrapping the rope, and threading the wool around the rope and into the centre, until you have completed a full turn.

DIY rope basket-5

  • Once you start with the second turn, thread the rope over the outside, but then into the space between the two layers of rope.  You’re essentially wrapping the wool around the two outer layers of rope in the swirl (I hope this is making sense!).  You’ll soon start to see the shape of the base of your basket.

DIY rope basket-6

  • Keep wrapping and threading.  Don’t worry about making the thread wrapping too even.  When your length of wool comes to the end, just tie on another length.

DIY rope basket-7


DIY rope basket-8

  • When your base is the desired size, start wrapping the rope “onto” rather than “next to” the previous layer of rope, and wrap in the same way.

DIY rope basket-9

  • At some point you may want to change colours of the wool, by tying on a new length.
  • When the sides are high enough, cut the rope and thread the wool around a few times (to prevent fraying).  Tie off to finish.

DIY rope basket-10


DIY rope basket-11


You can use the same method to make coasters, pot stands, or place mats, simply by making a base of the correct sizes.

DIY rope basket-12

Loving… hydroponic decor {pretty plants}

It’s pretty cool that house plants have seen a bit of a revival over the last couple of years.  Plants are a great way to bring a new element into a room, and they are now widely considered to be an essential decor item.  I love this new trend of rooting and growing plant in water rather than soil.  It isn’t an old concept, but now the idea of rooting plants is more than functional.  Here are some great ways to use “hydroponic decor” around your home.  You can check out this article by Domaine for tips and tricks to make your own water plants.

grow plants in water 5

Image source.

grow plants in water 6

Image source.

grow plants in water 2

Image source.

grow plants in water 3

Image source.

grow plants in water 4

Image source.

Loving…Chart Farm roses

Hi everyone!  It’s so good to be back. I hope you all had a wonderful festive season, and that you’re rearing to go!  I really can’t believe that we’re almost half way through January already, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

We had a wonderful time over the last month spending quality time in our beautiful city with our close family.  It’s so easy to overlook the incredible part of the world that we live in, but doing touristy things with friends and family always makes me have a new appreciation for Cape Town.

I’m ashamed to admit that even after living in Cape Town for 10 years (almost to the day!), I’ve never visited Chart Farm.  I have no idea why, since I’ve driven past it hundreds of times.  Last week we visited Chart Farm with some friends and family, and we had a wonderful time wondering through the rows and rows of exquisite roses.  It was also a fun opportunity to dust off my macro filters and take some pretty pictures.

chart farm roses-8 chart farm roses-7 chart farm roses-6 chart farm roses-5

Chart Farm is situated in Wynberg, and is open 7 days a week.  You can pick your own beautiful roses (which smell amazing) for R5 a stem (or R3 a stem on Sundays).  Secateurs are provided.  You can also stop by The Terrace restaurant for tea or a light meal.  All highly recommended for a fun day out!

For more information visit the Chart Farm website or Facebook page.

chart farm roses-4 chart farm roses-3 chart farm roses-2 chart farm roses-1