Loving… Christmas gift tags {free printables}

printable christmas gift tags

I’ve seen so many beautiful Christmas gift tag designs recently, so I had to share my favourites with you!  Just follow the link, grab some card and get printing.  I’ve tried to cater to everyone’s taste, whether it be sweet and whimsical or stylish monochrome.  Happy printing!

Happy holidays from Best Day Ever. a457e6bcf2bc79d271e9c3f76a48e338

Christmas tags by We lived happily ever after. 2640ea93bdb20235cd3d514ac8a4f9eb

Graphic gift tags via Creature Comforts. 95f9dae2997b46482bf8bf5f7f535e73

Retro type tags by Simple as That. 41c16a988e3e0a8d41970880c0db174b

Colourful tags by Color me Meg. 18ac38d97c38ff32bced72467b9879ba

Chalkboard tags by Lia Griffith. 7a45dbc2d6ca01980181616db0265bae

Whimsical tags by Kelli Murray. 3a4afb74309a41f6fcc77c626e7524d2 Festive fynbos tags by Kerith Pretorius. Festive-tags

Monochrome tags by Pretty darn cute design. fe0d1e409a73eb62363df2ecf90c074b

Kraft tags by Allons-y Kimberley. fcaa4da696c76311ee5e12da087fc83c Winter wonderland tags by Three little monkeys studio. e73f22158a9faaf28c579e3e8912282b

Loving…washi tape heart bunting {Cotton Candi colab part 3}

cotton candi heart bunting-5

It’s time for the third installment of my collaboration with Cotton Candi!  Today I’m sharing how to make washi tape heart bunting.  It makes the perfect accessory for a party or kid’s room.

cotton candi heart bunting-5

What you’ll need:

·         Cardboard hearts (pre-bought, or print your own)

·         Selection of washi tape from Cotton Candi

·         Scissors or craft knife

·         String/twine

cotton candi heart bunting-1


1.       Cover each heart with strips of washi tape (horizontally, vertically or diagonally)

2.       Cut around the edges with a pair of scissors or craft knife

3.       Use a piece of washi tape to stick the hearts to some string or twine, hang up, and enjoy!

cotton candi heart bunting-3 cotton candi heart bunting-2 cotton candi heart bunting-4

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Loving…glitter pegs {Cotton Candi colab part 2}

cotton candi glitter pegs-3

This project is incredibly quick and easy, and just in time for Christmas.  I like to use these pegs to seal gift bags (away from prying eyes underneath the Christmas tree), or team them with some baker’s twine to display your Christmas cards.  When you’re done with them, add a strip of magnetic tape to the back to make some sparkly and functional magnets.

What you’ll need:

·         Wooden pegs

·         Glitter tape from Cotton Candi

·         Craft knife


Simply stick the glitter tape to each peg, and use a craft knife to cut around the edges.

cotton candi glitter pegs-3 cotton candi glitter pegs-1 cotton candi glitter pegs-2

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Loving…washi tape art {Cotton Candi colab part 1}

cotton candi heart art-9

A while back I teamed up with the lovely T’Neal from Cotton Candi to create a few fun and easy washi tape projects.  People often say that they’re not creative or artistic, but the reality is that many craft projects don’t require too much effort or artistry.  So we set out to design some quick projects that can be whipped up in a short amount of time, which I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks.  I hope you’re inspired to give them a try!

Today I’ll be sharing how to make some fun washi tape heart art.

cotton candi heart art-8

What you’ll need:

·         Mounted artist’s canvas (available at art or craft shops)

·         Heart template

·         Plain sheet of paper/card

·         Scissors

·         Craft knife

·         Selection of washi tape from Cotton Candi

·         Prestick

·         Pen/pencil

cotton candi heart art-1


1.       Cut out the heart template (or make you own template), and stick to the back of the canvas with prestick.

cotton candi heart art-2

2.       Trace around the outside of the template with a pen or pencil.

cotton candi heart art-3

3.       Use a craft knife to cut out the heart shape.

cotton candi heart art-4

4.       On another plain piece of paper or card, use strips of washi tape to create your desired pattern.  Cut the sheet of paper so that it’s slightly bigger than the inner edge of the wooden frame of the canvas.

cotton candi heart art-5

5.       Use strips of washi tape to stick the sheet of paper to the back of the canvas frame.

cotton candi heart art-6

6.       Turn the canvas over and admire your handiwork!

cotton candi heart art-9

7.       When you get tired of the design, just decorate a new sheet of paper.

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Loving Lately


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve officially entered that crazy time of year!  I blink and another week is over in a flash, and I think that it’s only going to get worse.  I really love this time of year, with gearing up towards Summer holidays (for us here in the southern hemisphere) and all the festivities around Christmas time.  But I have to stop and remind myself (or often my hubby has to remind me) to take a breath and relax, and to not get too caught up in the craziness.  Here’s a little catch-up on little bits and pieces that I’ve been loving lately.

This week I was fortunate enough to be featured on IOL Lifestyle.  I always enjoy answering interview questions, since it forces me to stop and think about where I’ve come from and where things are going.  I often find the questions much harder to answer than they should be!  If you’d like to find out a little more about me and this little blog, you can read the full interview here.

Crafter blogs about pretty things - IOL Lifestyle   IOL.co.za

A couple of weeks ago I entered a great little competition through Flat White Magazine, and we won a week’s worth of meals from Daily Dish.  Every Monday, Daily Dish can deliver everything you need to make four healthy and delicious meals (including recipe cards and ingredients) – which really takes so much time and hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping.  We enjoyed our four meals last week, which consisted of pork medallions in sweet sherry sauce, spaghetti puttanesca, chicken and chilli jam stir fry, and lentil casserole.  All of the meals were quick and easy to prepare, and really tasty.  You can also choose from classic, low carb or vegetarian meal options.  I can really recommend Daily Dish for those weeks when you need a break from the norm, and it also makes a great gift option for friends and family who are going through a busy period.  The service is currently available in Cape Town and Joburg/Pretoria, and you can find more details on their website.

Finally, this week I was given my first treats from Lush!  I’ll always associate Lush with London, since I can remember the distinctive Lush store smell from walking past the store in my gap year.  I’m not really sure why I haven’t tried any of their products before (to be honest, I sometimes find the smell of the store a bit too intoxicating).  I was given a slab of the Baked Alaska soap, which smells wonderfully citrusy, and leaves me squeaky clean!  I also received an Each Peach massage bar, which I’m planning on trying in the next couple of days.  I can’t wait to have a good pamper session.

Yay for my first spoils from Lush!

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Loving…crocheted T-shirt yarn baskets

crochet t-shirt basket-3

I purchased a couple of balls of T-shirt yarn on a recent visit to my mom in George, since it was so much cheaper than the equivalent in Cape Town wool shops.  At first I couldn’t decide what to do with it, but then I settled on making some storage baskets using the pattern I had used for my string crochet baskets.  The process was pretty quick and relatively simple, although it was quite hard on my hands!  You can follow the instructions outlined here, but using a 8-10mm crochet hook, and keeping a relatively loose tension.  You can use single or double crochet stitches.

crochet t-shirt basket-1 crochet t-shirt basket-2 crochet t-shirt basket-3 crochet t-shirt basket-4 crochet t-shirt basket-6

The baskets also come with Kevin’s kitty stamp of approval.

Loving…the Skil Fox 3-in-1 sander {Part 2- your DIY projects}

skil sander 3

In case you missed it, last week I announced that Jackie Katzen was the winner of the Skil Fox 3-in-1 sander – congrats Jackie!  And thanks to everyone else who entered, I loved going through all your suggested (and very ambitious, if I might add!) DIY projects.  I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, to get you inspired to head out to the hardware store.

skil sander 1

Project link.

skil sander 2

Project link.

skil sander 3

Project link.

skil sander 4

Project link.

skil sander 5

Project link.

skil sander 6

Project link. skil sander 7 Project link.

skil sander 8

Project link.

skil sander 9

Project link.

Loving…Stylish storage

storage baskets 1

Goodness, but this week seriously ran away from me, I had planned to post this a lot sooner!  It’s scary to realise how much Google “knows” me, since these John Lewis storage boxes and baskets have been cropping up in website ads for weeks now.  Aren’t they great?  I’m itching to do some Spring cleaning and tidying, and these would be perfect.

storage baskets 1

For the local ladies, trusty Mr Price Home has some great options too!  If you’re feeling crafty, don’t forget to check out my tutorials for crochet storage baskets, and a felt rose bowl and storage box.

storage baskets 2