It seems that everyone has been blogging about the new Typo stores opening around CT.  It’s for good reason.  Crammed full of lovely goodies, the store is heaven for a stationary lover like me (I loved stationary before it was cool to love stationary.  Ask my mother, it’s genetic).  It’s also great that the prices on the website (which is Australian) seem to represent the prices you’ll pay in store, so you can do some pre-lusting over items before you go in.  I managed to restrict myself to only buying a couple of stamps (I was in a bit of a rush), but I definitely want to go back for a better scout soon.

Quick tip:  If you use Google Chrome (which I strongly suggest you do), you need to install this Chrome Currency Converter extension.  You specify your local currency, and whenever a foreign currency comes up on a webpage it automatically converts it into your own currency using current exchange rates.  Wonderful for browsing foreign websites.  You can hover your mouse over the amount to see it in the original currency.

Sweet little birdie stamp. Image from Typo.

Camera stamp. Image from Typo.

I need this stamp set. Image from Typo.

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