I’ve loved The Body Shop for a long time, but often have some difficulty in indulging in products from myself.  My friends and family have recently caught on, and for my most recent birthday I was showered (ha ha) with quite a range of products.  Here’s a list of my current favourites.

Wild Rose Hand Cream

This hand cream is lovely and light, absorbs quickly and has a lovely subtle scent.  Perfect for use during the day.

Almond Hand and Nail Butter

This is quite a lot richer, more suited to bedtime use.

Moringa Body Scrub

My mom-in-law gave me some for Christmas, and I love it.  It’s much creamier than most scrubs, and has a lovely summery scent that lasts for ages (it’s lovely to use in the bath in the evening, then still get a whiff of scent the next day).

Shea Body Butter

No Body Shop list would be complete without some body butter.  This one is creamy and rich, perfect for dry winter skin.

Satsuma Bath & Shower Gel

This is on my “must buy for summer” list.  I love the fresh citrusy smell.

All images from The Body Shop website.

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