Ok, so what is washi tape?  It’s kind of like masking tape, but a million times prettier.  You may have seen some washi tape projects on Pinterest, and I’m glad to say that some local SA stores are starting to stock it.  I recently picked up some rolls from Typo (on sale, no less), and I’ve been having loads of fun with it.  It may seem quite pricey (usually around R35-R45 per roll), but there’s loads of tape on each roll, and it will last for ages.  You may have seen my washi tape mini flag and gift-wrapped brownies.

Anyway, today I decided to spice up our dreary tealight candles with some washi tape.  These would be perfect for a children’s or tea party, or even to have on the table at a wedding.

If you’re in SA you can buy the most beautiful washi tape from Paperpeony, take a look at some of the available patterns! (it’s also worth browsing around the site, they also stock paper straws and baker’s twine)

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