It’s safe to say that my “making bracelets” post has been the most popular I’ve ever done (as of today it’s had more than 5 000 views), so I decided to break it down and show you how they’re made, step-by-step.

What you’ll need:

Embroidery thread

Silver clasp and jump ring

Silver beads

Charm (optional)


1.  Thread

Firstly, you need to start off with some embroidery thread.  This can be bought at most craft or sewing shops.  Measure how much thread you’ll need to wrap around your arm (I made them long enough to wrap around three times, but you can do more less).  Cut the thread, leaving a few centimetres on each end to allow for the clasps.

2.  Clasp

Tie the clasp onto one end of your thread.  I used a simple double knot, but do whatever looks neat and secure.  I also threaded a charm onto the thread near the clasp to make it look a bit prettier.

3.  Beads

Thread your beads onto your thread.  I used long silver beads, but you can use whatever you fancy.  Normal bugle beads would also work well.

4.  Finish up

When you’re done, tie the jump ring onto the other end of the thread.  I put a couple of drops of superglue onto the knots to make sure that they don’t come undone.  That’s it, have fun!

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