A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Hello Pretty website when I came across these amazing watches.  Since a strap on one of my watches had just broken, I felt somewhat justified in treating myself to one (I decided to ignore the fact that I already had another perfectly pretty and functional watch).

Bamboo Revolution was started by 6 postgrad students from the University of Cape Town, who were given the challenge of starting a business with a loan of just R50.  Needless to say that their product has been a resounding success.  The watches are made from bamboo and locally sourced leather, and come in four different styles.  Even better, a proportion of each sale goes towards Project Rhino.  Read this if you’d like to see more about the Bamboo Revolution story.

My watch arrived today in the post, and I love it already.  I really believe that packaging can make or break a product, and the Bamboo Revolution guys have definitely paid attention to detail.  If you’d like to order your own Bamboo Revolution watch, check out the Hello Pretty website.  You can also “like” the Bamboo Revolution Facebook page to receive updates about which local markets they’ll be selling at.

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