Time for a step-by-step DIY!  I did a post last week about upcycling old doilies, so here’s my take on how you can give them a new lease on life.

(Disclaimer:  I’m super aware of writing “bowels” instead of “bowls” by mistake.  So there, now it’s out of the way.)

1.  Gather your supplies.

2.  Choose your bowl carefully so that the doily fits well, and make sure that you’re happy with the final shape.

3.  Wrap your bowl and work surface in cling wrap.

4.  Add some wood glue to your container (a little goes a long way, so rather use less and make up more if necessary).

5.  Add an equal amount of water and mix.

6.  Lay out your doily on the protected surface, and paint the wood glue mixture on.  It’ll soak through the doily quite quickly.

7.  Once you’ve painted the whole doily, place it gently onto the cling wrapped bowl and arrange the folds until you’re happy.

8.  Leave to dry (best to leave overnight), then gently remove the lace from the bowl and cling wrap (I found it easiest to take the cling wrap off the bowl, then peel it off the doily).   That’s it, have fun!

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