You must remember making these as a kid?  Paper windmills have recently received a bit of a revival thanks to the wedding industry, but you don’t have to be getting married to enjoy these lovelies.  Here’s a step-by-step of how to make your own.

What you need:

  1. Pretty paper/card (any square piece will do, but I found that scrapbooking card works really well, since it’s already square.  I cut up each page to make four windmills)
  2. Split pins
  3. Straws or sticks
  4. Craft knife and scissors
  5. Ruler

windmills #thingsdeeloves-1

Measure the middle of your square page, and make a small X with your craft knife.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-4

From each of your corners, cut a line toward the middle of the page (about half of the distance between the corner and the cross).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-3

You’ll see that your page now looks like four triangles joined in the middle.  Using your craft knife again, cut a small cross on one of the outer corners of each triangle (make sure you do the same corner for each one).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-5

Take the corner of your first triangle, bend it over towards the center of the page, and push the split pin through the cross.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-7

Take the second tringle, place the corner underneath the first, and push the split pin through the send cross.  Continue until all four triangles are done.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-8windmills #thingsdeeloves-9

Now push the split pin through the cross that you made in the center of the page.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-10windmills #thingsdeeloves-11

Now you can push the pin through the straw, and open it to secure (you may need to make a small incision in the straw first).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-12

That’s it!  You can use the windmills to jazz up the table for your next tea party, or what about make tiny ones as cupcake toppers?  Have fun!

(Disclaimer:  These are “wannabe” windmills that don’t actually turn, and are purely for decorative purposes.  To make turning ones, use thicker card and cut holes for the split pins).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-14 windmills #thingsdeeloves-13

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  1. We call those pinwheels in the U.S. Windmills pump water into troughs for animals to drink from, or to remove water from land, as they do in Holland.

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