On Monday I finally got the chance to pop in to Vamp Furniture in Woodstock.  I’ve been meaning to go for ages, but I’ve been putting off going in on Saturdays (my shopping day) because it’s right across from the Old Biscuit Mill.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Biscuit Mill, but to go anywhere near there on a Saturday morning I need to psyche myself up well in advance to prepare for the hoards of people and the inevitable thirty minute battle to find parking.  Anyway, the Vamp ladies kindly opened up on the public holiday, so no pre-psyching was needed.

Vamp is full of beautiful retro and vintage collectibles, ranging from little bits and bobs right up to furniture.  If you want a treat, take your mom or your gran with you (they’ll either love it because they recognise everything, or they’ll cringe because they recognise everything).  All items are beautifully arranged and displayed, and they also stock various new items, such as their own custom-made furniture pieces, Lauren Fowler prints, and Skinny Laminx products.  Whatever your style is, you’ll enjoy having a browse, and I doubt you’ll leave empty handed.  I made my way home with a little blue ceramic bokkie (because apparently bokkies and bunnies are the new in thing, move aside birdies), and a Tala cook’s measure (yes, your granny probably had one).

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Vamp Furniture

368 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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