I’ve never really been that inspired to crochet.  My dear Nan taught me to knit when I was a little girl (I can knit a mean scarf), but crochet was never really that high up on my radar, I guess I associated it with those awful toilet roll covers with the barbie on top (yikes). A few friends have started to crochet recently, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I have of those Learn to Crochet DVDs (the ones from CNA), but it really takes a special kind of bored to sit down on a weekend afternoon with a crochet DVD.  But thankfully a kind friend offered to teach me.  Well.  Let’s say that the bug has bitten.  I’ve been inspired by this beautiful blanket from Rain.

missing-bev 6

So, I got started on my own “heirloom blanket”.  I’ve been following this simple hexagon pattern from Le monde de Sucrette with an extra row of double crochet around the outside, but you can find loads of alternatives on Ravelry.  I’m using Elle Pure Gold in Pepper (055), Ivory (036), Mist (203) and Ultra Marine (072), with a 5mm crochet hook.  I’m quite impressed with my progress so far (not bad for a first crochet attempt?) – I’ll keep you updated!

loving learning to crochet #thingsdeeloves-3 loving learning to crochet #thingsdeeloves-2 loving learning to crochet #thingsdeeloves-1

4 thoughts on “Loving…learning to crochet”

  1. soo Cool Dee. I also love to crochet!! plus it doesn’t help that my sister has an online, natural yarns store (www.naturalyarns.co.za). seriously dangerous but so rewarding and therapeutic! please post the finished project x

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