I’ve been longing for a beautiful Camera Couture bag for a very long time (I even had one listed on my Christmas 2012 Pinterest board). I love my SLR, but I’m often reluctant to take it out and about with me simply because it’s quite bulky, and it means carrying around an extra camera bag.  The Camera Couture bags are perfect because they look like normal handbags, but they can also safely hold your SLR and any other accessories such as extra lenses and filters.  So, I really hope that I win this competition that they’re running, which challenges us to list “what’s in your camera bag”.  I thought I would break from a traditional list and create a collage, so here it is:

camera couture collage

Labello – because I feel naked without it

Tissues & Allergex – I have serious allergy problems, even in winter (is that TMI?)

iPhone , wallet, hair elastics – kind of self-explanatory

Energy bars – I have been known to get “hangry

Sunscreen & sunglasses – to complete my “pale and interesting” look

Camera, lenses and filters – yes, that’s how many lenses I have (I wish)

The kitchen sink – ‘cos it could probably fit.

Dear Camera Couture people, please pick me!

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Here are the awesome prizes that I hope to win!  Head over to their website to check it out!


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