This week I decided it was time to organise my poor desktop.  I do try to keep it reasonably neat and tidy, but over time it always accumulates various useless icons or documents.  As usual, I turned to Pinterest, and I came across a variety of lovely desktops that are designed to keep you organised.  Using these as inspiration, I designed my very own, and here it is:

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 7

I’m quite happy with the way it came out, and now I have specific areas for the various groups of icons.  I also left some space on the side for my Windows gadgets.  The image was designed to fit my own laptop resolution of 1366×768.  If you’d like to download it to use on your own screen, click on the image below, then right click and select “save image”.

organised desktop by #thingsdeeloves

Disclaimer:  I used some patterns that I’ve had saved on my laptop for a while.  If you are the designer, please contact me so I can credit you!

Here are some of the over desktop images that I found, aren’t they lovely?

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 6

Via Iheartorganizing.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 5

Via The Ney Life.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 4

Via Art Geeky.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 3

Via Stefan.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 2

Via August Empress.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 1

Via Painted Vintage.

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