I got super excited a couple of weeks ago when Pippa from Buzzfeed contacted me to ask if I’d like to contribute to a DIY post.  Of course I said yes!  You can check out the Buzzfeed post (where there are loads of other cool projects), or scroll down to see my very own DIY stamp projects!

Project 1:  DIY Stamped scarf

 DIY stamp project-18

What you’ll need:

DIY stamp project-1

  • White scarf or plain fabric (preferably cotton)
  • Fabric paint
  • Pen
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Bottle caps or lids
  • Foam sheets (available from craft shops)
  • Double-sided tape or craft glue

Step 1:  Draw the design for your shapes on the foam sheet, using a pen and ruler.

DIY stamp project-2

Step 2:  Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out each shape and set aside

DIY stamp project-3

Step 3:  Attach each shape to a lid or cap, using double-sided tape or craft glue.

DIY stamp project-5

Step 4:  Pour some fabric paint into a flat container.  It may be necessary to add some water to give the paint a smoother consistency.

DIY stamp project-6

Step 5:  Lay your fabric onto some plastic bags or sheeting, and get stamping!

DIY stamp project-7

Step 6:  Once the paint is dry, you may need to iron the reverse side to set (check the instructions on the bottle).

DIY stamp project-20

PS:  The watered-down fabric paint “bled” a little into my fabric, but I quite like the effect!

Project 2:  DIY Stamped top

This project is great for spicing up an old white tank top or t-shirt.

DIY stamp project-17

What you’ll need:

DIY stamp project-9

  • Your stamps from project 1
  • Fabric paint
  • Plain white tank top or t-shirt
  • Printed heart template
  • Scissors

Step 1:  Fold the heart template in half, and cut around the edges to create a stencil.

DIY stamp project-10DIY stamp project-11

Step 2:  Lay your top down on a flat surface, and place some plastic between the two layers (to prevent bleed-through of the fabric paint).  A plastic bag or cling-wrap will do.

DIY stamp project-12

Step 3:  Position the heart stencil on the front of the tank top.  You can use cellotape to prevent it from slipping.

DIY stamp project-13

Step 4:  Use one of your stamps to fill the heart.

DIY stamp project-14

Step 5:  When you’re done stamping, remove the stencil, and your heart shape will be revealed.

DIY stamp project-16

Step 6:  Remember to follow the instructions on the bottle to seal the fabric paint once dry.

 DIY stamp project-19



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  1. Hi there, found your site via Craftgawker and have spent the last little while browsing, great site and great local content! Love the scarf tutorial, stunning colours!

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