This is a sweet way to use any old jars that you have in the cupboard.

decorated jars #thingsdeeloves-5

What you will need:

  • Glass jars (old ones with the labels removed, or newly bought ones)
  • Paint or glass liner (available at most craft shops).

decorated jars #thingsdeeloves-1


It’s pretty simple, just go ahead and draw your design on the jar!  It was a bit tricky at times to draw free-hand, so if you’re worried about making a mess you can draw your design on a strip of paper and stick it to the inside of the jar with prestick (blue-tack).  I wanted to use my jars for small votive candles, but you can also decorate jars to use as vases, or to store anything else!

decorated jars #thingsdeeloves-11 decorated jars #thingsdeeloves-8


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