christmas with TDL

Last week I shared my gift ideas for the ladies in your life, this week I tried my hand at finding some suitable gifts for the boys (well, men).  I always find it incredibly difficult to buy gifts for guys, but hopefully you’ll find something inspiring in this list!

gifts for guys #thingsdeeloves


  1. T-shirt, Savior Brand Co (via Hello Man)
  2. Retro Radio, Typo
  3. Phone cover with bottle opener, Typo
  4. Building blocks calendar, Typo
  5. Book rest lamp, In Good Company
  6. Mini walkie talkies, In Good Company
  7. Pizza stone, Yuppichef
  8. Comic desk calendar, Typo
  9. Tablet case, Typo
  10. Smart phone cable kit, Woolworths
  11. A-Z mug, In Good Company
  12. Wooden keyboard & mouse, Typo
  13. Leather pencil case, Wolf & Maiden Creative Studio (via Hello Man)
  14. Headphones, Woolworths

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