You may have seen some similar mugs around Pinterest or other blogs recently, but I decided to share my own experience with you (check out these posts by Clever Bird Banter or Lovilee for some more inspiration).

decorated mugsThere are various instructions around the internet for using Sharpie markers to do the job, but I chose to use proper ceramic markers (since I’ve heard that Sharpies work with differing degrees of success).  So, where can you get these special markers?

  • In Cape Town, you can buy these markers from Artsource in Observatory, or the Deckle Edge (for either shop, I suggest you phone ahead to check that they have stock).
  • For others in SA, you can also buy online from Doolally Daisy.
  • for the international folks, you’ll probably find something similar in your local craft shop, or somewhere like Amazon.

No detailed instructions are really necessary, just pop into your local store to buy some white ceramic items, and get creative!  I found that the designs could wipe off quite easily before they were fired (which was both a blessing and a curse), so I didn’t have to worry too much about making mistakes.


Most importantly, follow the instructions for your pen.  For the pens that I used, each item had to dry for 4 hours, then placed in a cold oven, heated to 160 degrees (C) for 90 minutes, and then cooled in the oven.

I made a bunch of the “name” mugs for friends and family at Christmas (perfect for everyone to use at work).  To make these, you’ll need some alphabet stickers (mine were from Merrypak).  Postion the stickers, then make fine little dots all around the outsides.  Once you’re done and the ink is dry, remove each sticker and fire the mug as directed.  I found that I could use each sticker multiple times, which made the pack last longer.


I draw the designs on the other two mugs freehand.  You can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, so get creative!



12 thoughts on “Loving…decorated mugs {DIY}”

  1. Hi Dee:)

    Only discovered this blog now. Love this post and so keen to try it out! Will let you know how it goes. I have a home and food blog with a friend called The Saltbox, we would love for you to visit sometime!

    1. Thanks Kim, the mugs are a lot of fun to do, so enjoy! And thanks for the link to your blog, it looks lovely 😉

  2. Great job, I love the ‘spider web’ one! I bought some pens from Typo recently and I’m hoping they’ll work well. Can I ask you where you get your mugs from?

    1. Hi Lana. I saw the ones at Typo, please let me know if they work well. My mugs are from Checkers, they usually come in a pack of 4. Have fun!

    1. Hi Anita
      Sorry, I’m not sure of where you can buy in Joburg, I suggest you phone your local art and craft supply shops. Good luck!

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