To those who know me it’s no secret that I suffer from a bit of OCD – I love having things neat and organized and clean.  So you can understand that I was terribly excited when I found these gorgeous kitchen labels from That Little Shop.  Needless to say that I bought almost the entire range.  And best of all, they’re currently on sale for only R7.50 each.  You’re welcome!  Now to stock up on some glass jars!

clear kitchen labels

4 thoughts on “Loving…an organized kitchen”

  1. Those labels are cool! I love to keep food in jars especially grains and legumes but I so often drop them and get glass all over the kitchen. You would not believe how often I have to clear such messes up, or clean the floor and fridge after I’ve spilled juice/leftovers/soy sauce everywhere 🙁

  2. Now that is organised and glass is so much better than tupperware. I would suggest that you write the food expiry dates on the lid with black marker cos if you like me, you may wonder how long that’s been in the cupboard.

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