For as long as I can remember, the name “Bosch” has been associated with quality DIY and power tools (I’m not even sure if I can name another power tool manufacturer).  The folks from Bosch South Africa recently offered to send me a couple of their DIY tools to review. At first I was a bit sceptical, since I’m very far from being a drill-wielding power tool aficionado, but they kindly sent me a kit of awesome DIY tools that anyone can easily use.  Even better, i’m convinced that everyone could use these in their homes, their utility is by no means limited to those with a full tool box.

bosch DIY thingsdeeloves

PLR 15 Digital Laser Rangefinder

Don’t let the fancy name scare you, this nifty little thing is essentially a digital tape measure.  It uses precise technology to measure lengths, much like your normal tape measure would, but it’s much more accurate and easy to use (best of all, you don’t need to find another person to “hold” the other end).  The battery operated PLR 15 has a very clear digital display, and can measure up to 15 meters.  It’s also really small and lightweight, so it’s easy to pop into your handbag or pocket if you’re going furniture shopping or house hunting.  Find more details here.

PLR 15 thingsdeeloves

PMD 7 Digital Detector

The PMD 7 is a safe and reliable detector of electric cables and other objects made of metal. I’ve heard some horror stories about friends drilling into water pipes within their walls, so this tool could definitely save you a lot of time and hassle.  The detector has a “traffic light” system, which means that the light on the unit changes colour according to the contents of the material underneath, and it also emits a warning sound.  It can reliably detect metals and cables up to a depth of 50-70mm.  We had quite a bit of fun playing “metal detector” around one of our light switches.  More information on the PMD 7 can be found here.

PMD 7 thingsdeeloves

PCL 20 Cross Line Laser

I think this has to be my favourite of the 3 tools.  The PCL 20 is a laser spirit level, that is also capable of doing a cross-line, vertical line, and plumb line (a spot on the ceiling directly above the unit).  The unit has an internal self-leveller, so there’s no need for manual levelling like a normal spirit level.  This is a must-have tool for hanging pictures (make those gallery walls a breeze!), curtain rails, tiles or light fittings.  It has a tripod fitting, and it also comes with a wall holder so that it can be mounted to a wall.  My description can’t really do it justice, so visit this page to find out more.  If you look carefully in the image below, you can see some of the laser lines making a cross or a horizontal line.

PCL 20 thingsdeeloves

I used my PCL 20 to help with this washi tape cross-stitch mural, full details will be up on the blog later this week.

cross stitch heart

Giveaway Time!

Bosch South Africa has kindly put together a DIY kit containing all 3 items, to be won by one lucky TDL reader! Yay!  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form to leave a comment describing a DIY project which you would love to do in your own home.  You can also increase your chances of winning by sharing via various platforms.  If you don’t enter for yourself, at least enter for the man in your life.  I can guarantee that your husband/boyfriend/brother/dad will have a ball playing around with these gadgets!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday the 9th of April, so get your DIY-juices flowing and enter!  Entries are only open to South African residents.  Good luck!  If you’re not the lucky winner, all these Bosch item can be found at your local hardware store.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

33 thoughts on “Loving…Bosch DIY {review & giveaway}”

  1. oh my… I just LOVE DIY… not that I get much time these days. These tools will make my life much easier helping to solve the ‘unfinished project syndrome’ in my house! I am wanting to ‘wallpaper’ my dining room wall with fabric covered softboard so that it is beautiful but also a pin-board… as it’s also my office. These tools will make this project and others so much easier!!!

  2. I have set my sights on a beautiful hand-painted dresser, only to be discouraged by the cost of it. If I win this prize I would like to create a similar look for myself―for a fraction of the price. I would love to give new life to old furniture of mine. Starting with a sturdy dresser or bureau that’s either unfinished or has a relatively smooth, even surface, and then let my creativity do the rest with this AWESOME BOSCH DIY Kit. Fingers crossed 😉

  3. OMW a laser range finder! Re DIY desperately need to put up shelves to file paperwork that’s on the kitchen counter, dining table, etc.

  4. I’m a handy gal ,fixing everything around the house I can ,I’m creative and just loov it try out new things from old ones!! Wow this is amazing and a must hav to DIY with th best:):)@hojokukitu complete steps!

  5. My boyfriend wouldn’t be interested in these at all, but I am. I want to put up a gallery wall in my studio, so these tool would all be very helpful.

  6. I have an exciting DIY project coming up soon – a whole new house – lots to do and try and I’m sure these tools would definitely come in handy with many of the projects/ideas I have! Fingers crossed 🙂

  7. I want to get some shelves and decor up in Knox’s (my baby boy) room. It’s so bare in there and needs a bit of decor to spice things up a bit.

  8. All of these are amazing… I love gardening but am limited to a very small balcony. Am looking to up-cycle old pallets into hanging planters and make up some trellises for my tomato and butternut seedlings and these would definitely make the job a lot easier!

  9. My new DIY project (to be undertaken soon) is to paint butterflies on my room wall to look as if they are flying off my wall and out of the window. I saw my cousin’s room with this and it’s so pretty, I was inspired to do the same 🙂 – @Roxi_23 on Twitter

  10. I am so excited to soon be starting on a brand new office space in my home. Because part of my job involves inspiration, I have a vision of a massive framed white board/pin board combination, where I can write quotes and messages, pin magazine cuttings and photos etc. I have a specific idea of what I want and specifically what the frame will look like, so I know the only way I will get that dream board is by making it myself. (Obv with the husbands help!)

  11. Next job is to make a funky bookshelf to hold books, photos and nicknacks on the stairs landing. It will have to be done under the watchful eye of my dear wife so these tools should assist in keeping the peace!

  12. These tools are AMAZING! I had no idea such things existed. I have recently (on Monday) bought my first house (yipppeeeee!!!) and would definitely be able to use them when hanging pictures, measuring up for carpets and making sure those pesky hidden wires don’t become a problem.

  13. What an amazing prize! Busy moving cities and am going to have so much work settling into my new home !!! The perfect tool for my perfect home !

  14. My house is still a work in progress, so there are many things that i would like to fix. But if i had to choose my biggest, I’d choose the flooring. I would love to get tiling all around the house and it would be awesome if i had the means and ways of doing it 🙂

  15. I am a DIYer…to the dismay of my more than capable husband. Unfortunately, I also like putting up pictures in an apartment where we are never sure where electrical cables or pipes are running. Every day of DIY is an adventure 🙂

  16. We found out a week ago that we are having another boy! So excited to get DIY-ing. I’m also changing the one room in our house to a playroom for the boys and want to do some crafty things with chalkboard paint and convert and revamp some crates for storage. Exciting times, these tools would come in super handy!

  17. Ooh, i love gadgets! These look so useful! I would love to build a kist for my next project, to put all our linen in a box at the bottom of our bed.

  18. Wow, yet another amazing giveaway! Until this blog I didn’t even know such amazing gadgets existed. I have recently bought a house which is in need of a complete overhaul. These gadgets would definitely help in the process.

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