I’ve seen a couple of cross-stitch mural projects around, but it’s always seemed like quite a lot of work, and quite a bit commitment.  Since we’re living in a rented house, something like that isn’t an option for us, so I thought I’d try a more temporary version using washi tape.

washi tape heart mural-9a

What you’ll need:

  • a selection of washi tape
  • craft knife
  • cutting board
  • a cross line laser, or a pencil, eraser and spirit level
  • a cross stitch pattern (available here)


I chose to make the crosses beforehand, by sticking them to my craft cutting board (which has convenient grid lines).  I could then peel off each cross and stick it to the wall.  Each washi tape strip measured 6cm.

washi tape heart mural-1

washi tape heart mural-3

I then used my Bosch cross line laser to orientate the pattern on our wall.  If you don’t have one, you can use a pencil and a spirit level to draw a cross line on your wall to get you started.

washi tape heart mural-2 washi tape heart mural-4The rest is pretty simple, just follow the pattern until you’re done.  The result is likely to be far from perfect, but the overall effect can be really nice.  I went for a graduated look, but you can play around with the colours and patterns that you can use.  Have fun!

washi tape heart mural-5washi tape heart mural-10

washi tape heart mural-14US and Canadian readers can find most of the supplies at Whimseybox:


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