I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  I was recently inspired by these beautiful floral letters, but I soon realised that nice fake flowers come few and far between (and are really pricey when you do find them), so I decided to try to recreate them using hand-made paper flowers.

paper flower letters-11

What you’ll need (scroll down for the Whimseybox supply list):

  • card (patterned or plain.  I used scrapbooking card)
  • wooden letters (mine are from Typo)
  • craft knife and/or scissors
  • craft glue
  • pencil
  • cutting mat (optional)
  • paper flower pattern (I used this gorgeous one from Seven Swans Stationery, featured on The Pretty Blog)

paper flower letters-1

Cut out whatever designs you want to use from the template (I used the smaller flowers), using the craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors.  You can then use a pencil to trace around these, onto your cardstock.  Once you’ve cut out a few designs you can start putting the flowers together.  Bend the petals slightly to make them more 3D.

paper flower letters-2

paper flower letters-3

Once you’ve made a few flowers, arrange them on the wooden letters (I suggest you do this before sticking them down).  Once you’re happy with the design, use the craft glue to stick them.

paper flower letters-4paper flower letters-6

Let the glue dry for a bit, then you’re done!  These would also work really nicely as table numbers for wedding or functions.  Have fun!

paper flower letters-5

paper flower letters-10 paper flower letters-8


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