This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful morning with Bev Missing, the founder and owner of Rain, along with some lovely bloggers and magazine editors.  We were hosted at the beautiful Casa Labia in Muizenberg, the former residence of Count and Countess Natale Labia.

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Rain company and their products (you can read a review of some of them here).  Apart from the fact that their products are simply gorgeous, I really admire the ethos of the company.

“We create handmade bath & body products and hand crafted home ware using natural ingredients with African origins.  Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.” – Rain Africa

As part of her latest venture, Bev has written and published her first book – The Rain Book of Natural Soap Making.  It was wonderful to hear Bev speak about her “adventures” in soap making, and her passion really shone through.  She took us through the whole process of natural soap making, and we even got to pour our own own little soaps.  Don’t be mistaken, this process isn’t simply melting and pouring, this is serious stuff (caustic soda and all!).  I initially thought that it would be highly complex, but in the book Bev takes you through every step, often explaining the chemistry and science behind it.  Although the basic recipe is very simple, the possibilities are endless, and Bev has generously shared many of her personal recipes and trade secrets in the book.

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The Rain Book of Natural Soap Making is perfect for anyone who is interested in this unique craft.  After Bev’s demonstration I’m definitely inspired to give it a go (family and friends, you can expect home made soaps for Christmas!).  Bev’s book really tells you everyone you need to know, and more.  The emphasis is on keeping everything natural, so you can expect to make beautiful soaps that are free from nasty additives and chemicals.  Rain has also provided some video tutorials which are available on their website.  The book is available from Rain stores, online, and at major book stores.  You can also follow Bev’s adventures on her personal blog.

Thank you to Bev, Tanya, and all the other lovely ladies that I met, I had a blast!

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