You’ll be forgiven for thinking that I have a mild obsession with making baskets, since this is the third basket DIY I’ve posted in about a year (you can find my crocheted baskets here and my t-shirt yarn baskets here).  The truth is that I love finding pretty ways to store things, which is particularly useful when you live in a small house like ours.

rope basket

I’ve spotted this type of rope basket in some shops recently, and thought that it would be an easy project to reproduce.  You don’t need a lot of supplies, and the outcome is pretty rewarding, so here are the instructions!


  • rope (the type will depend on your personal taste, and the length will depend on the size of basket you want to make. I suggest that you get at least 5 metres).
  • wool or thread in colours of your choice
  • scissors
  • needle (large enough to thread the wool)


  • Cut a long length of wool.  Bend the end of the rope over itself, and tie in place with the end of the wool.

DIY rope basket-2

  • Start wrapping the rope around itself (in a “swirl”).  Thread the wool over the outside of the rope, and into the centre of the swirl.

DIY rope basket-3


DIY rope basket-4

  • Keep wrapping the rope, and threading the wool around the rope and into the centre, until you have completed a full turn.

DIY rope basket-5

  • Once you start with the second turn, thread the rope over the outside, but then into the space between the two layers of rope.  You’re essentially wrapping the wool around the two outer layers of rope in the swirl (I hope this is making sense!).  You’ll soon start to see the shape of the base of your basket.

DIY rope basket-6

  • Keep wrapping and threading.  Don’t worry about making the thread wrapping too even.  When your length of wool comes to the end, just tie on another length.

DIY rope basket-7


DIY rope basket-8

  • When your base is the desired size, start wrapping the rope “onto” rather than “next to” the previous layer of rope, and wrap in the same way.

DIY rope basket-9

  • At some point you may want to change colours of the wool, by tying on a new length.
  • When the sides are high enough, cut the rope and thread the wool around a few times (to prevent fraying).  Tie off to finish.

DIY rope basket-10


DIY rope basket-11


You can use the same method to make coasters, pot stands, or place mats, simply by making a base of the correct sizes.

DIY rope basket-12

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