I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to review the new Dremel Micro.  We’ve been wanting a Dremel for a long time, and it’ll definitely be put to good use in our new home!  This handy little machine can do anything and everything – including cutting, sanding, engraving, grinding and polishing.  The Dremel Micro can be held like a pencil, and is perfect for precision and light duty tasks.  The kit comes with 35 accessories, and a neat little case.

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I was given the challenge of designing a Mother’s Day DIY gift, so for my first project I created a weathered photo frame.  (In South Africa we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, but you can go here to find out which day it falls on in your country.)

dremel micro-17a

What you’ll need:

*Before using your Dremel Micro, please read the instructions and safety precautions carefully.

dremel micro-5

Remove the backing and glass from your picture frame.

Using the high speed cutter Dremel bit, carve a design into the wood.

dremel micro-6

Dust off the frame with a cloth, and brush on a coat of the white paint.

dremel micro-7

When the paint is dry, use one of the sanding bands to lightly sand off some of the paint, creating a weathered look.

dremel micro-8


Dust off once again, and reassemble your picture frame.  Add your mom’s favourite print or photo, to create a personalised Mother’s Day gift.  I’ll be running an exciting competition with Dremel soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the details!

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