Hello again to my poor little neglected blog!  I can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post, but the last few weeks have really flown by.

The main reason for my recent absence is our new home!  We moved in at the end of April, so our lives have been a flurry of planning, drilling, and bonding with our local hardware store.  To be honest, it has been quite nice to take a break from the blog for a little while, to take time to focus on setting up our new space, and to become re-inspired.  I have some fun projects lined up to share with you, so stay tuned!

Anyone who has bought a new home will be quick to tell you that your time, energy and money will disappear very rapidly!  We’ve bought a lovely older home that needs some aesthetic work, but I’m really looking forward to the process.  It’s such an incredible blessing to be able to buy our own home, so I’m trying to not focus on all the negatives!  That being said, here are a couple of things that I’ve been itching to do…

The main bedroom had a cheap glass light fitting that is usually used in bathrooms, so I couldn’t wait to update it.  I chose a more contemporary white pendant light from Eagle Lighting, and it has made such a difference to the space.

new homenew home 3

Our bathroom has a pretty awful pink and white striped tile (I know, it could be a lot worse), which is quite outdated.  We can’t afford to completely revamp the bathroom just yet, so I’m planning on painting the tile in the meantime.  There are a couple of new tile primers on the market, so I’m looking forward to giving one of these a try.

new home-1

Likewise, the cupboards in the main bedroom are a pretty nasty shade of beige, with chocolate brown trimmings.  I’m also planning on giving these a makeover with a lick of paint, and I can’t wait to see the results.

new home-2

Stay posted for more updates on our DIY projects!

6 thoughts on “Loving…A new home {hello again}”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your projects all completed. I am going to paint my home and do some changes that i can afford. I have moved into my second husbands home and obviously his 1st wife and my styles differ vastly. So I love to watch how others and it is really exciting watching how you decorate. I really like your style and ideas.

  2. How exciting! Congrats on the new abode and cant wait to see what you get up to! We have been in ours now for nearly a year and it’ still a work in progress – like you said, a vacuum of time, money and energy – but so worth it! Happy planning and DIY’ing! x

    1. Thanks Andrea! I’m trying to just relax and enjoy the process! I’ve loved seeing your home updates 😉

  3. Such a delight that you’ve moved into your own home. Whatever changes and upgrade you make will be yours, that’s a great feeling. I’m so excited to see the other “lifts” you do to beautify your home even more. I love the lamp you chose, amazing how a simple thing can dramatically add glam and prettiness.

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