Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed more and more creative workshops popping up on my radar.  I love that creativity and crafts are becoming more popular, and that folks are organising these events to share the fun!  In an effort to create a place where you can find the details of all these events, I’ve put together a Crafty Calendar.  Here you can browse through the various workshops on offer, or you can filter the events by city or topic.  It’s a work in progress, but it’s already full of fun workshops by Zana, The Pause Room, Schwarzie Designs and others, so please head over to take a look at what’s on offer.  Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at screenprinting, or find out what chalk paint is all about.  If you know of a crafty workshop on offer, please also feel free to submit an application.

You can visit my Crafty Calendar here.  Happy crafting!

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