If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest in the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of chalk paint.  Although chalk paint is incredibly popular overseas, it’s remains relatively unknown to many South Africans.  I’ve dabbled with some chalk painting (only recently, I might add), so I thought it may be helpful to provide a local guide to your chalk paint options.


Firstly, what is chalk paint?

The creation of chalk paint is attributed to Annie Sloan, who developed a range of paint in the 1990’s.  Chalk paint isn’t really made of chalk, but its name comes from its velvety matte finish.  The unique thing about this product is that it adheres to almost any surface, with little or no preparation necessary.  Chalk paint is designed to be used in conjunction with a soft wax (clear or dark), which provides a subtle sheen, along with added protection and durability.  Chalk paint shouldn’t be confused with chalkboard paint – although it can be used to achieve a chalkboard-like finish.

chalk paint 2 chalk paint 3 chalk paint 4 chalk paint 1

Images via Annie Sloan.


What’s the advantage of using chalk paint?

  • No need to prime or prepare as it will adhere to almost any surface
  • Can be used with a variety of techniques to achieve different paint effects (such as lime washing, antique effect)
  • Good coverage
  • Available in a variety of popular colours


What are some of the negatives?

  • More expensive than other forms of paint
  • Comes in a limited number of premixed colours (you’ll need to mix your own to achieve custom colours)
  • Depending on your location, there may be limited suppliers


Where can I find it?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is available though a range of stockists in South Africa.  However, a couple of other brands have recently become available (summarised below).  I’ve used both Annie Sloan and Harlequin chalk paints, and I’ve been happy with the results, so try for yourself!  You can find some great inspiration on Pinterest.


Suppliers Colours Tested by Dee?

Annie Sloan

Find one here 32 colours




Selected Hardware stores (try Mica & Builder’s Warehouse 13 colours Yes
Fired Earth Builder’s Warehouse 12 colours




6 thoughts on “Loving… Chalk Paint {A South African guide}”

  1. I LOVE the fact that you can just paint it on without really prepping the surface. I’ve only used Annie Sloan and was very happy with the colour. A tip I got after painting though was that it is much easier to paint when mixed with just a little water to thin it a tad.

  2. Hi Dee

    have you ever used Annie Sloan products in conjunction with Harlequin? ie. Harlequin chalk paint with Annie Sloan waxes?

    1. Hi Lyn. I’ve used Harlequin wax with Annie Sloan paint, which worked fine. I don’t think there will be a problem with mixing and matching 😉

  3. Hi Dee.

    Thanks for testing Harlequin Paints. just another tip, instead of the wax try using Harlequin Paints Furniture Varnish Suede. It gives it a completely heat and water resistant finish so its ideal for kitchens and bathroom or where you require a greater level of durability

    Why don’t you try out our new range of waterbased real metal Metallic paints …. so cool!!

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