I’ve been mulling over this post for a couple of weeks now, not quite knowing how to put my thoughts and feelings into words.  Then, much to my relief, the lovely Ché from Indieberries posted something that caught my eye:  a blog post titled “Is blogging dead?”.  I read the post whilst nodding in agreement.  The truth is, I’ve fallen a little out of love with this particular online space.  I’ve reached a season in my life when I would rather spend time actually doing things, rather than blogging about them (as Ché emphasizes, it takes a long time to put together posts with original content and pictures, which is a thankless job if your heart isn’t really in it).  So, for a number of reasons, I’ve decided to take a little sabbatical from my blogging life, and to focus on sharing my ideas and projects in other avenues.  A sincere thanks to every person who has taken the time to read, comment on, and share my posts, it’s been a wonderful journey getting to know some of you.  Similarly, thank you to every brand and company that has taken the time to work with a relatively “small fry” blogger.  So, this is by no means goodbye.  Rather, this is “see you in another space”.  Please keep an eye on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest feeds, where I will continue to share my crafty adventures.  In the meantime, please take a browse through my old blog posts, where I hope you will continue to find projects that inspire.

Lots of love

Dee x


Image credit:  Lisa Leonard

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