When I think of pressed and dried flowers, I can’t help thinking of greeting cards sold at church bazaars.  But thanks to amazing artists like Janine Vermeulen from Foraged, this art form is gaining in popularity.  Thankfully, it’s something that is accessible to everyone, and it’s a fun activity to do with kids.  I have fond memories of gathering flowers and leaves from the garden when I was a child, and searching for our thickest and heaviest book to press them in.  I would inevitably forget about them, only to be surprised when one of them slipped out of the pages a couple of months later.  I love how the pressed botanicals are almost in suspended animation, and often they look completely different to their original form.

I bought a proper flower press on sale from Typo a couple of months ago, and couldn’t wait to wonder around the garden to pick my subjects.  Unfortunately it was slim pickings (literally!), due to the terrible drought in Cape Town, but I did manage to source some leaves and flowers from our ice cream bush and Port St John’s vine.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted these backless frames at The Crazy Store a couple of days later (and needless to say, they were a steal).  I’m quite pleased with the result – now to find somewhere to hang them.  If this appeals to you, you can also pick up a flower press from Takealot, or use the old-fashioned book method!  If you do use a book, remember to place the items between several sheets of paper, to stop them from ruining the pages.

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