Before I get started on our courtyard make-over, I hope you’ve noticed that the blog has had a bit of a make-over too? I’m so sorry to those of you who got 7 random emails in your inbox – some technical gremlins crept in during the make-over process!

When we moved into our house 2 years ago, all the exterior walls were painted pink. Not candy-floss pink, thankfully, but a kind of faded beigey-pink (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about?).  We’ve recently had the chance to re-paint the exterior, but our courtyard was left until last.  This space is purely functional, since all the living areas flow onto the garden at the front of the house. The courtyard has simply been a space to hang up the laundry, or to store outdoor furniture and garden equipment.

When Prominent Paints approached me for a collaboration, I jumped at the chance to give our courtyard a make-over. Cue lots of Pinteresting, and lots of agonising over colours!  We finally settled on a theme, and I’m happy to share the first progress pictures.  I still want to add a lot more greenery, and perhaps some other features to make the area more interesting, but thanks to the fresh coat of paint we now have a clean canvas to work from!

Some of my Pinterest inspiration.

I think my favourite feature is the stenciled brick floor.  I was fortunately able to find a large stencil from The Stencil Company, which worked really well with the Prominent Premium roof & paving paint applied with a small foam roller.  It took quite a while (especially in the hot sun!), but I’m happy with the effect.

Another great improvement was the old metal garage door which opens on to the courtyard – where it was previously covered in flaky paint, it now blends in well with the rest of the walls, thanks to the Prominent galvinised iron primer and Prominent Premium matt paint.

The walls were painted in Prominent Premium textured paint, in Dark Truffle.  The texture works so well on our bumpy walls, and I love the contrast of the green plants against the dark browny-grey.  Now we need to add more plants to the area!

Thank you so much to Prominent Paints for sponsoring the paint for our courtyard make-over – now we’re actually inspired to use the space for other things besides laundry!  I’ll post another update soon!

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