A couple of months ago we celebrated our first Christmas since welcoming baby Evan to our family.  Since I knew that he would be spoilt with gifts from family members, I wanted to organise a token gift for each person that was “from” Evan.  Thankfully a friend spotted these DIY fridge magnet kits at The Crazy Store.  If you can’t manage to track down a kit, it shouldn’t be too tricky to find the necessary materials.

What you’ll need:

  • small white tiles (bought individually from a DIY/tile shop, or a sheet of larger white mosaic tiles.
  • poster paint (non-toxic)
  • magnets (craft shops usually stock them as discs, or you can use magnet tape/sheets)
  • paper plate
  • paper towel

Since Evan was 8 months old at the time, I knew that any paint that went on his hands would end up straight in his mouth rather than onto any magnets.  So, I opted for foot-painting instead.  I popped him in his high chair with a snack, and put some dots of paint on a paper plate.  I then dipped his feet into the paint, and then onto the magnets (one may argue that this means he wasn’t really an active participant in this project, but I think he quite enjoyed the process).

Once the paint is dry, you can attach the magnets, and write a note on the front or back if you wish.

Pro tip:  Green + Red = Brown, so rather stick to using either warm (such as red, orange & yellow) or cool (blue, green) colour combos.  Otherwise, it might just look like your baby put something else besides paint on their magnet.

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