Does anyone else really struggle with making bold design choices?  I’ve wanted to paint a feature wall in our living area for ages, but I’ve really battled with committing to a plan!  Which is silly, considering that we could realistically paint over any disasters.  So, when Prominent Paints contacted me a little while ago about participating in their #MakeSpringBetter campaign, I knew that this was the push that I needed.  Armed with my Pinterest inspiration, I trundled off to their Kenilworth store in search of the perfect navy.

Wow, choosing a paint colour is hard, particularly when you’re spoilt for choice.  I was sure that I had a pretty good idea of the colour that I wanted, but I have to admit that standing in front of the colour wall was a little overwhelming.  Eventually I settled on a colour (S5020-B), and the friendly staff mixed up 2 litres of their Select Matt paint.

Flip, choosing paint colours is hard! Excited for our #MakeSpringBetter collab with #ProminentPaints 🌻

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Now, some careful planning was required, since toddlers and paint don’t really mix well.  We set to work doing all the prep on a Saturday morning, (adding masking tape to the edges of the wall, filling in holes from old pictures), and then we were able to paint the entire wall while Evan had his nap.  I was really impressed with the coverage of the paint, since we only ended up using 1 litre, and only 2 coats were required.  So we did an entire wall make-over in a single weekend, for less than R150!  The finish is great, and the dark colour is wonderful for hiding little grubby fingerprints.

I am thrilled with the result.  I did take a little getting-used-to, since the difference is quite striking from the previous white wall, but now I wish that we’d done it sooner.  The dining room always felt a little vanilla, since it’s quite neutral, but I love the pop of colour that we now have in the space.  You can see the spots where we filled in the holes, but I’m planning on creating a gallery wall, so the new pictures will hide any imperfections.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the make-over, coming soon!

Thanks to Prominent Paints for sponsoring the paint for our little make-over, I love the results!

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