One of my biggest indulgences (and one that I indulge in quite often) is to spend time in my bed.  I love lazy weekend mornings or rainy afternoons spent in bed reading, snoozing, watching something or snoozing.  And on the odd occasion I even work (it’s quite likely that if I didn’t enjoy my bed quite so much I’d be a much more productive person).  As I write this it’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m in bed, under our favourite fluffy blanket, with our cats Kevin and Cookie sleeping beside me.

I’m a big fan of chunky knits (give me a big chunky cardigan to snuggle in anyday), and I love the idea of using them around the home.  Take a look at these pics of knitted throws for the bedroom.  At the rate that I knit, I could maybe finish one by the time we move into an old age home 😉

All of the images were found via Pinterest, but I had a lot of trouble following most of them to their original sources.  You can click on any of the images to be taken to the site that I found them.

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