It’s a pretty gloomy day in Cape Town today, so I thought I’d share a craft that’s full of colour and sparkle!

30 days

Even though I consider myself to be a bit of a craft addict, I actually don’t own any glitter.  Weird, right?  My main problem with glitter is that it just Gets Everywhere.  And it stays there, forever.  And two weeks (and multiple showers) later, someone asks “Why have you got glitter in your hair?”.  Anyway, I may need to get over my glitter OCD-ness, because I really want to make some of these awesome glitter magnets.  Aren’t they pretty?


SA ladies, you can find the glass drops at your local Mr Price Home, and the full tutorial can be found here at DeLoop.

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Images via DeLoop.

3 thoughts on “Loving…glittery magnets {30 Days of Creativity}”

  1. I presume your name is Dee, I just want to Thank you for sharing, this is absolutely awesome, I just love it, will definitely be making these, I love doing mosaics and these are SUPER to make my own tiles. Thank you once again.

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