30 days

I’m pretty sure that we all had these alphabet fridge magnets growing up – I used to love playing with them as a kid.  It made me feel pretty nostalgic when I first saw this tutorial by Inspired by Charm.


Images via Inspired by Charm.

I picked up my own set of magnets from China Town (for about R15), and I got to work with my gold spray paint (caution:  once you have a can of gold spray paint, you will want to use it on everything.  You have been warned).  My magnets were obviously pretty cheap and nasty, but I quite like how they came out.  If possible, try to get some with decent magnetism (?), since ours get flung across the kitchen if we open the fridge door with too much enthusiasm.  Also, if you live with a mischievous gentleman like I do, you’ll need to give your fridge a once-over before any guests arrive, so that any cheeky words can be rearranged.  Enjoy giving your fridge some bling!



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  1. This is fantastic! I shall have to try! Fridges are way more fun if they are as entertaining on the outside as they are on the inside!

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