I have to be honest with you – Evan does not have what many would call a “Pinterest-worthy” room.  We did pretty major renovations in the months before he was born (actually we still had workers traipsing through our house when he was a week old), so I didn’t have much of an opportunity to “nest” properly.  Don’t get me wrong – I love his room, but it doesn’t really have a particular decor theme.  That being said, I’ve spotted a few new decor trends that I love, particularly when applied to baby or kid’s rooms.  I feel like we’re still seeing a lot of nurseries in white and monochrome with chevron, and I think it’s time for a bit of a revival, don’t you think?  I’ve discovered four new nursery decor themes that I love, which I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks.  I hope you feel inspired to think about alternative ideas if you’re decorating your little one’s room.

This look definitely requires a bit of guts, but how beautiful are these bold floral wallpapers?  It’s easy to make a statement with these, but then keep the rest of the room decor neutral.

Via Brittany Makes
Via Foxy Oxie
Via Christina Loewen
Via Project Nursery


It’s easy to achieve this look without the commitment and expense of wallpaper – simply pop a few bright throw cushions onto the bed, or bring in some floral elements in the curtains or carpeting.

  1.  Grace – Blossom fabric from Hertex; 2.  Sharon Boonzaier floral scatter from Woolworths; 3.  Florence Ebony fabric from Hertex; 4.  Eve floral bathmat from Woolworths; 5.  Highbury wall clock from Mr Price Home; 6.  Grace Aruba fabric from Hertex; 7. Dark Rose wallpaper from Robin Sprong; 8.  Exotic Flower fabric from Soil&Co; 9.  Embroidered floral scatter from Mr Price Home; 10.  Enchanted floral scatter from Woolworths.


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