I think one of the most frustrating things about being pregnant in South Africa is the lack of maternity clothing options.  I remember being so excited to buy my first “preggy” top when I was pregnant with Evan, but this was quickly overshadowed by a disappointment in the lack of availability and variety in local shops.  I’m still amazed that so few mainstream retailers have a maternity line, even though quite a high proportion of the population is pregnant at any one time.  So in an effort to help any other local preggy moms, I’ve put together a list of the South African maternity wear retailers.  But, before I get to that, here are a few tips that I’ve gathered over my two pregnancies:

  • Plan your maternity wardrobe – there are loads of “maternity capsule wardrobe” ideas on Pinterest.  Use these as inspiration to plan and buy your maternity wardrobe intelligently.
  • Don’t be scared to invest a little.  I bought a handful of Cherry Melon tops for my first pregnancy, and these are still going strong, well into my third trimester of my second pregnancy.  Many maternity clothes come at premium price points, but in my experience they are usually of very good quality.  So choose wisely and invest in good pieces, particularly if you’re planning on having more than one kid.
  • Don’t be proud.  Ask around, you’ll find that many friends and/or colleagues have a couple of maternity items that they’re willing to lend to you for a couple of months.  Trust me, by the end of your third trimester you’re so sick of wearing the same three tops and two pairs of pants, you’re willing to put any pride aside for the sake of some variety.

Right, so here’s a list of all the shops/brands that I’m aware of that offer a maternity line.  Please let me know if you know of any missing from the list so they can be added!  (A big thank-you to By Megan Kelly for assisting with this list!)

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